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Self Defense Training

Self-Defense Classes

Top 10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Take Self-Defense Classes

1. It builds confidence

2. It works on your balance

3. It helps develop self-discipline

4. It helps improve your physical conditioning

5. It improves your street awareness

6. It teaches you self-respect

7. It helps to develop a warrior spirit

8. It helps you develop a fighters reflex

9. It will help you with goal setting

10. It has a positive influence on your life

(read full article at Lifehack)

The basic aim of self-defense classes is to prepare you for how to handle an attack! At the very least this means keeping calm and being strategic about your response.


Unlike martial arts classes, it’s not a sport. The focus is not so much on perfecting technique as being able to react. A lot of the techniques that are most effective in a self-defense situation aren’t allowed in most martial arts classes because they can cause serious injury. In self-defense classes you’re prepared for a dirty fight, which is what you’re likely to encounter in real-life.


Aside from set moves to break out of a grip or immobilize an attacker, you’ll learn how to avoid getting to the point of having to defend yourself. Some of the skills covered are:

  • How to position yourself when being attacked

  • How and where to strike back

  • Blocks

  • How to break free of a hold or choke

  • Awareness of your surroundings

  • How to spot a threat

  • Preventative behaviors

  • How to keep calm in the event of an attack


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