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Jennifer Manchego-Pena, CO

"Skyler Mullins is an incredibly remarkable young lady; I had the privilege and honor to meet her back in 2018. I met Skyler when I was running a Self-Defense studio. She started training around the spring of 2018. Skyler would always show up on time for classes, accept extra challenges offered during class, and put 100% effort into her training. She began assisting with youth classes in October 2019.
Skyler is an unbelievably talented and disciplined individual. There are very few students her age that I have seen such commitment from. She is strong, dedicated, punctual and cares very much about the members and community she has instructed for. Her heart for people and teaching kids morals, discipline, and how to protect themselves is evident in all the work she does. She is a great example and role model not only for young students, but for individuals of any age. I would strongly recommend Skyler to be the lead instruct for any kids class offered in martial arts or self-defense."
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