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COBRA teen safe seminar

Why are teens such a vulnerable group? They are beginning to get further and further away from parental supervision and adult supervision in general. They get exposed to real criminal elements. What does that mean? Your nine-year-old is not going to be robbed at the ATM because they're not put in that situation. They don't have an ATM card. Your teenager possibly has a job and a car which exposes them to more in the real world. They're now fair game for the professional criminal. They're out in the car driving around in possibly a road rage situation. They're in the supermarket by themselves buying stuff. They're walking home with their friends. They're at social events and dating. They're going off to college alone. So now they're fair game.

Teens are not yet fully developed mentally or physically. Yet they are entering into the widest category of possible crimes that can be committed against them. Making them high risk is their continued and chronic preoccupation with technology. They also make decisions based on group acceptance instead of what's the best course of action for them. This can lead them to fall into someone else's dangerous web of influence.

Criminals are looking for a victim and are specifically looking for a soft target, such as someone who isn't paying attention or looks like someone who won't fight back.

The Teen Safe Seminar will arm your teen with knowledge and real-world techniques to avoid being an easy target, and to effectively protect themselves and others when it is needed.

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